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Style & Grace


Collections by Style & Grace


Signature is a collection with beautiful modern classic design. It has been created to add style and glamour to any
bathroom and home. The neutral creamy white tones are dressed up with imperial purple trim and metallic detailing
to underpin the premium feel this collection creates. Experience a sense of contentment as the floral and delicate
blend of Jasmine and Rhubarb combine with the more robust notes of Bergamot and Sandalwood to create this
delightful signature fragrance.




Spa Collection is inspired by the calming and earthy influence of natural wood; combining beautiful and cleansing
formulations and traditional spa treatments. The cool fragrance will instantly lift your spirits on a wave of refreshing
Waterlily, Amber and Sandalwood. Spa Collection is perfect for the individual who just needs a little time to unwind!





Embrace the peaceful beauty and relax in the quiet calm of the PURO collection. The crisp white packaging with
ice blue and reflective silver detail suggests a feeling of seductive beauty without pretence. The White Rose and
Cananga fragrance is refreshingly delicate and light, blending floras Rose, Lily and Freesia with gentle fruity notes
of Lychee and Raspberry.